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Happy Pet Investment Holding was founded in January 2015 to bring the super premium pet food Happy Dog and Happy Cat from Germany to all parts of the world.

Our products are made from the best natural raw materials from our local suppliers in Germany. At Happy Pet we strongly believe that our pets are part of our family and whatever we feed them, it is the same as what we feed ourselves.

Therefore all the ingredients of our pet food are of the same quality as human food. We do not use GMO feed, additives or artificial ingredients because we want our pets to be healthy and happy. We are the home of healthy pet food.

Because all you feed is love.




The roots of the Bavarian family business Interquell go back to the year 1765. It all began in the 18th century with a grain mill on the Singold river in Wehringen.

Then in the 1950s the groundbreaking innovation: with the help of a new type of technology and appropriate machines it was possible to produce cereal flakes which, together with dried meat, produced the first complete dry food for dogs!
Our recipes, ingredients and additives have been refined over the years based on the latest scientific findings.

The popular products Happy Dog and Happy Cat have found their way from Wehringen into the wide world. This is where we come into play. With the foundation of Happy Pet in 2015

With the incorporation of Happy Pet, the expansion to Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East was intensified. In the middle of 2015, our first branch office was opened in Indonesia. After a successful start in Indonesia the opening of our branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was a logical next step. With the branches in Thailand and Hong Kong in 2017 and 2018, we expanded our presence in the Southeast Asia region, and at the latest since then we have been a major player in this part of the world. The step into the Middle East was planned for 2020 with the opening of Happy Pet UAE, but Corona destroyed that timeline. In September 2021 the final decision was taken that Happy Pet will expand their business into all the Mid- East countries and therefore we incorporated Happy Pet Gulf as a regional hub with branches in Oman, Bahrain and soon to come in Saudi Arabia, most probably in January 2024.

As the latest milestone in our history, we opened our business unit in India and the first goods are on the way into the biggest country in the world. We see India as one of our top priorities and will start operations in Quarter 3 2023.

Our Branch



As off today, close to 150 people are working globally in our business units to bring the knowledge and products to consumers around the world. And our expansion is far away from being finished. We will keep you updated.




From our headquarters in Germany we also support distributors in almost 30 countries around the World.

We support our Distributors in product selection, inform them about new products and innovations and assist them with marketing campaigns and promotions.

We also help you with Transportation and Paperworks and provide Product trainings.

If you want to be a part of our Business.
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